The Best A Man Can Get

I had the misfortune of a major financial calamity a couple weeks ago but the small commercial gig I just booked and filmed a couple days ago should help soften the blow.  Despite a fun audition where I met the quirky comedic Jamie Janek I didn't initially land the gig but I did feel pretty good about the experience.  Fast forward to 9:30 last Friday night (about 10 hours before they started shooting and 3 hours after the guy they originally cast bailed on them) when I got the call asking if I was available and interested in getting paid to do some acting work while getting to feel like a hero for swooping in at the 11th hour.  That's basically my entire wheelhouse so I quickly agreed only to find out that as a bonus I'd get to be working opposite the mesmerizing Christina Myers again 2 years after doing a play with her back in NYC.

Naturally I had to take Jamie to lunch the next day.  It seemed the right way to repay the Fates for the series of coincidences that led to me getting the great gig, plus if I'm lucky I'll get the chance to work with her after all.  I love it when a plan comes together but I'll take a little good luck when I can get it.  

If you want to take a look at the edit we put together you have to know the secret password, just click the link below and ask me.  I can legally tell you though that I've never before had so much fun talking about deodorant with a beautiful woman while we pretended a bunch of other people weren't also in the room and recording us.