More Of The Best Medicine

You know I think I might eventually get really good at this.  Last week I got to see Louis CK perform about 8 feet away from me on the main stage at The Comedy Store with a new comedy friend.  (Happy birthday, Diana!)  He said he's 47 now, he's been doing comedy for 30 years, and the first 20 years absolutely sucked.  Coincidentally my Meisner training at The Esper Studio taught me that it takes 20 years to become an actor.  I guess I'd work on something else if I didn't do this performance life but that's what I'm focused on now so game on.

In this latest comedy set I talk a bit about my experiences in children's theatre with the Traveling Lantern Theatre Company I worked with for a couple seasons back when I lived in California the first time.  After a season with them based out of  San Diego I moved to Philadelphia to be with a girl I was in love with.  When things went south with the girl I was still living in Philadelpia.  Not a good venue change, I don't do well with cold.  My exit strategy was another season on the road with Traveling Lantern.

At the end of next month I'm headed back to NYC for a month to make some dollars and then spending March and April acting in a new play called Hearts Like Fists at The Know Theater in Cincinnati.  Until then?  Drinking and comedy.  Game on.


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