I like being on TV it’s fun, especially live. It feels like being onstage what with the no safety net and racing against time and team of people, only some of whom do you actually understand what they’re doing to make the THING happen but you’re grateful for all of it.

I got to do a 3 minute interview by Megan Mitchell on local TV News with Patrick Phillips today, one of the 7 strong cast of Mercury by Steve Yockey. He’s kind of THE writer of the long-running TV show Supernatural and also of another play I got to do a couple years (and maybe 25 pounds?) ago at the KNOW Theatre called The Fisherman’s Wife, and I get to play with some of the very same actors. This time around I get a boyfriend in Andrew Ian Adams and an impossibly optimistic non-love interest in Eileen Earnest.

The play I’m in right now is fun and all what with the exploration of vengeance, the boundaries of social norms in polite suburban society, and the consequences of guessing wrong when deciding for yourself what other people are capable of. But really it’s just immensely satisfying to collaborate again with a team of people with different and familiar skills to tell a well crafted story. That’s maybe my favorite thing to do that isn’t about my baser appetites. Like for cheeseburgers or ramen. Or other things. But after those, storytelling with proper villains is hands down the thing I get the most gratification out of in life. So far.

The show closes May 11th and as always, just as soon as we get really good at it we’ll be throwing it away. Bit of a theatrical microcosm of the circle of life, I suppose. Here’s to another couple weeks of my favorite gratification. Until the next one.