3CD (Three Card Donny)

Here's a song I wrote and recorded with some friends of mine.  I hope you enjoy it, feel free to share with anyone you like.  

It's available on all sorts of streaming and download services (Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Pandora, etc.) but:


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DRUMS: Brandon Vitruls of  THE NEW ROYALS

HARP:  Rachel Miller of  BEYOND PLUCK

VIOLIN: Ben Fordham



Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

‘Cause what he’s doin’s workin’, flirtin’ and circle jerkin’

Double chin twerkin', spurtin’ lies and doublespeak

The man lost the vote, we still hand him the Presidency?


See I was taught that what you reap is what you sow

Nose to grindstone, workin’ folks blind to

The meaning underneath a damn ball cap slogan

“No pain no gain", well here we go again


Here’s the church, and here is the steeple

Open up the doors to reveal the people

Facts are for pussies, grab ‘em, throw ‘em out the door

                Lie to me…

And then lie to me, I’ll believe.  ‪Sheryl Crow.


We always love to see an underdog story

More we root for glory.  As long as you don’t bore me

I’ll throw anybody under the bus

To make us great again. United States of just us



We weren’t ready for a female.

We'd rather talk about her e-mails.

But yo, the devil’s in the details.

We let a demagogue prevail.


I said, we weren’t ready for a female?

We'd rather talk about some e-mails?

Look for the devil in the details.

We let a demagogue prevail.



Who hacked the DNC?  “Da, you know me.”

Small hands, tall tales. Big bad man huffin', puffin’

Screamin’ like an adolescent heathen while he's scheming, crying

"Why’s everybody always picking on me?"


The man even had Vladimir Putin tootin' his horn,

The FBI showin' scorn, with James Comey droppin’ 

Bombshell broadcasts, with no substance

Finger point, side glance. Liar liar fire pants


A candidate with Bannon’s hand up it just made a puppet dance 

And shimmy all the way to the White House, No Doubt

Don’t Speak

                      a word unless it’s something so absurd 

That people can’t even be sure they heard it come out yo’ mouth, so


The strategy to deplete the integrity of the media 

Was to give ‘em somethin’ they ain’t never seen before

The novelty and scandal he spit from a Twitter handle

They couldn't be bothered to ponder what’s at the man’s core?



I’m a hustla baby.  

         The man’s a hustler

I just want you to know

         And he WANTS you TO KNOW

It ain’t where I been.  

         Nah, it ain’t where he’s been

It’s where I’m ‘bout to go.

         It’s where he’s ‘bout to go


And I’ma run this country

         Yeah, he ‘gon run the country

And be who I am.    

          He gon’ do it like he BEEN doin’ it

With the Fourth Estate,

         “They just don’t know WHAT to do”

Putty in my hand

         “Kneel before Zod!”

Now give it to me



The First Mamma, mademoiselle Obama?

Calmer than the rest of us workin' through all our trauma

“When they go low, we go high.” Drama

Massachusetts, California, smokin’ up Nevada. 



Treat other people how You wanna be treated

                                                                     Oh, okay

Unless they’re Puerto Rican, Mexican, from Sweden

Woman, Gay, or Muslim, better watch how you speak

‘Fore the Alt-Right champ burns you up in a.  Tweet


The Golden Rule applies to every single citizen

But if you’re not American it’s practically ‪Original Sin 

Whoever has the gold makes the rules.

Damn, Three Card Donny takin’ fools to school


And yeah it feels colder, but yo.  Winter’s over.

So keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer

‘Cause the nasty women know it’s always dark before the dawn

                 Get.     That.

You gotta      Get.       That dirt off your shoulder.  Yo



We weren’t ready for a female

We'd rather talk about her e-mails

But yo, the devil’s in the details

We let a demagogue prevail


I said, we weren’t ready for a female?

We'd rather talk about some e-mails?

Look for the devil in the details


Michelle Obama OUTRO:

“Don’t be afraid.  You hear me?  Young people, don’t be afraid.  Be focused.  Be determined.  Be hopeful."