Be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mr. G
The Man in The Black Hat

The Man in The Black Hat

JAMES CREQUE was born in the worst part of Brooklyn, NY and graduated from The Hotchkiss School and later from Trinity College in Hartford, CT earning a B.A. in Theatre and Dance. Rising to challenges when in over his head is a habit he continues to this day.

After a six year stint producing and performing in many film and theatre projects based out of New York City he has relocated to the city of Los Angeles in his ongoing pursuit of happiness.  Here he continues his training and regards a career in crafting truthful performances and making people feel and think stuff pretty serious work. Like super serious.  Through his unrelenting quest for meaning and purpose James aspires to steadily increase the volume and quality of his work so as to make each sacrifice worth it.  Also to put more smiles on his Mom's face.

True Things

Skipped 2nd grade.

Can do 20 pullups.  In a row!

Does Standup Comedy now?

Has no idea how to succeed without really trying.


Currently accepting offers for Representation